Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach breaks his silence to defend actress amid social media SCANDAL

Under intense scrutiny after a video emerged of her relegating stylist Law Roach to a second row seat at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, Zendaya’s ‘image architect’ has finally broken his silence to defend her. Roach denied any suggestion of a feud between them, describing Zendaya as his ‘little sister’. The clip had prompted fierce debate on social media, with some blaming Zendaya for Roach’s resignation from the fashion industry. However, Roach explained that his decision was due to the ‘politics, lies and false narratives’ of the industry. It has since been suggested that Zendaya’s rumored appointment as Louis Vuitton’s newest ambassador could have been a catalyst in Roach’s decision to step down. Despite retiring, Roach’s future plans remain a mystery, leading to speculation that he may have something big in the works.

In the controversial video, Zendaya takes her place next to Emma Stone at Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week show before ushering Roach to an empty seat behind her. Despite the speculation, others pointed out that there was nothing Zendaya could have done, and all the seats were assigned by the brand. Roach secured a seat on the front row shortly after. He has worked with Zendaya numerous times over the past few weeks, pulling multiple looks for her to wear to various events. Roach is best known for curating Zendaya’s unforgettable Cinderella look for the 2019 Met Gala while taking on the role of her red-carpet Fairy Godmother. He was also the genius behind Celine Dion’s style renaissance in 2016. After working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, he has turned into a star in his own right.

Roach suffered a personal tragedy in 2021 after his three-year-old nephew fell to his death from a 17th-story apartment building in Chicago. He thanked his supporters for their ‘prayers and well wishes.’ The 44-year-old celebrity stylist has yet to comment on his plans post-retirement, sparking further speculation that he may have something big in the works. has contacted Zendaya’s spokesperson for comment on the situation. It remains to be seen what Roach will do next in his illustrious career.

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